Year Two in Review

Another year, a further 445 posts and an additional 17,790 spam comments have passed (and 453 legitimate comments, for which I am eternally grateful–thanks!) and Lone Gunman is now two years old.

Somewhat delayed since I’ve recently moved to the Netherlands, here are the best things I’ve read on the Internet and posted here over the past twelve months‚Ķ it’s Year Two in Review.

Lone Gunman Keywords (Year Two) -
Visualisation of the 50 most frequently used keywords on Lone Gunman in year two.

Items definitely not to miss are highlighted (probably not through an RSS feed reader). [LG] denotes my original post.

First, the most popular posts of the past year: The Seven Psychological Principles Con Artists Exploit, A History of the 160 Character Text Message and The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Persuasion (In Business and Life)

Health, Food and Exercise

Metacognition (Creativity, Learning and Thinking)

Typography and Design

Relationships and Marriage

Personal Development



Earlier this year I went travelling for a couple of months and handed the blog over to three very capable people. Alex J. Mann, Dan Zambonini and Andrew Simone.

Alex’s posts, Dan’s posts and Andrew’s posts are definitely worth a look.




6 responses to “Year Two in Review”

  1. Good stuff, I have stuff to do so I’d better bookmark this and come back later…

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this. Great job!

  3. Happy two years doing Lone Gunman Lloyd!

  4. Thanks all, your comments are hugely appreciated.

    If you find one thing useful, I’ve succeeded.

    I hope you enjoy it.

  5. You ever coming back, dude?

  6. Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for asking.

    There’s been some problem’s with a bug in the code behind the site. I’ve actually updated the site with around 30 or so posts over the last month but they are not showing up.

    I’ve fixed it now and hopefully everything will be back to normal from now on.

    Thanks for reading.